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Tribes & Cliqs is an online ticketing platform that is open to anyone looking to plan or attend events. All you need is your email address and telephone for authentication to register, and enjoy the best experience.
Online ticketing for events is when you create an event and or sell event tickets for it through an online platform like Tribes & Cliqs. We help you curate an event as well as market it digitally through emailing campaigns, to sell the maximum number of tickets so you can have a successful event.
When you create an event and begin online ticketing, you can either accept cash or credit payments. Online event planning allows you to keep track of ticket sales and also gives you the authority to collect contact information from your guests. We help you stay competitive by maximising your ticket sales using our wide range of resources and tools.
We advertise and sell tickets for all kinds of events. However, selling tickets for paid events is subjected to a 10% fee of what you are charging your guests.
What are the charges for using Tribes & Cliqs? We are an open online event planning platform that allows you to create a free event and sell tickets for the same. The 10% fee is only applied if you are charging your guests. By charging admission fees to your attendees, you can register without paying them yourself. Additionally, there are also paid options.
At Tribes & Cliqs, we understand that when it comes to online event planning, security is crucial. To ensure the safety of your online sales, we employ the latest security protocols and encryption. Along with that, we also offer a variety of payment options to make the sales and checkout process reliable, and secure.